Governors Proclamation
Governor’s Proclamation
September 20, 2017
Traumatic Brain Injury ~ Avoid Becoming Another Statistic
June 27, 2018

Holiday Cheers without Falling Fears

‘Tis the season to be jolly instead of being melancholy – as a result of unintentional falls while decorating.  We know that fall-related injuries happen throughout the year. However, there are obvious seasonal injury patterns with holiday decorating. There are remarkable numbers of fall-related injuries that occur to persons treated in participating emergency departments that are attributed to holiday decorating or related activities. Contrary to popular belief there is no significant difference among males than females.

More than half the injuries are caused by falls from considerable heights; e.g., ladders and roofs (I am reminded of Chevy Chase’s risky behavior in the segment of Christmas Vacation when he is on a ladder), and an about 1 in 10 are caused by falls from moderate heights; e.g., tables, chairs, beds, and step stools.

Please join the Arizona Falls Prevention Coalition and our community of partners to promote a Culture of Safety – – “Holiday Cheers without Falling Fears.”