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Dr. David James Harden

Strategic Grants sand Funding Committee

Strategic Planning & EMS Recognition Programs Manager,
Bureau of EMS and Trauma System, ADHS

David James Harden has worked for the Arizona Department of Health Services since March 2004; 16 of those years have been with the Bureau of EMS and Trauma System in varying program level responsibilities. Dr. Harden's academic background includes a B.S. in Public Health, and a Juris Doctor in Law. Dr. Harden maintains his emergency medical technician certification and has worked off and on in prehospital care since 1977. Some of Dr. Harden's accomplishments at ADHS include establishing the Arizona State Trauma Registry, establishing the Arizona EMS registry (AZ-PIERS), serving on various state and federal EMS, trauma, and highway safety committees and coalitions, including the AFPC, and co-writing and managing the SAMHSA first responder naloxone training grant. Dr. Harden is a published author (Trial of Faith), and has a daughter proudly serving the United States Army as a Specialist.

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