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Dr. Jonathan Lee-Confer, Ph.D.

Secretary General, Education Committee Co-Chairperson

Principal and Director of Biomechanics, Verum Biomechanics (
Professor, Arizona College of Nursing
Adjunct Professor, California State University, Sacramento

Dr. Jonathan Lee-Confer holds a PhD in Biokinesiology (emphasis in Biomechanics) from the University of Southern California. Dr. Lee-Confer specializes in how the body moves and responds to a slip incident as well as tribometry, or the measurement of friction of a floor and how it relates to the likelihood of someone experiencing a slip.

Dr. Lee-Confer’s PhD dissertation conducted studies investigating how individual’s moved when they experienced a slip incident. Dr. Lee-Confer has conducted over 450 laboratory induced perturbations and published numerous peer-reviewed papers. Dr. Lee-Confer currently holds positions at Verum Biomechanics, the University of Arizona, the Arizona College of Nursing, the California State University, Sacramento, the Arizona Falls Prevention Coalition, and the American Society for Testing and Materials (

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