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Kelvin Bartee

Strategic Communications Committee, Co-Chairperson

Chief (Ret.), Phoenix Fire Department

Kelvin is a retired Assistant Fire Chief from the City of Phoenix Fire Department, Phoenix Arizona. Currently, he provides professional services directed at enhancing the well-being and quality of life for executives, their staff and their customers.

Mr. Bartee also works as an adjunct instructor for the Maricopa Community College District. As a consultant and educator, he provides services to public, private and community organizations working as a liaison in the areas of emergency management, fire service/public safety education, public/private partnerships and marketing. Mr. Bartee is a member of the AZALFA Disaster Preparation Committee.

While working as an Executive Chief Officer for the City of Phoenix (Assistant Chief), Mr. Bartee held responsibilities for the management of the Fire Department’s Human Resources Division, Homeland Defense Section, Resource Management Division, and the Fire Prevention Section (Fire Marshal). His areas of expertise include emergency management, human resource management, incident command, structural firefighting, fire prevention, homeland defense, and hazardous materials response and mitigation.

During Mr. Bartee’s tenure as a Chief Officer, he participated in response and mitigation efforts as a member of FEMA Arizona Task Force 1/AZ-TF1, responding to Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey and Irma. Mr. Bartee also participated as a member of the command and general staff for the Phoenix Fire Department’s Incident Management Team/IMT during several major valley wide events including the NBA Allstar game, MLB Finals, the NCAA Final Four/Championship and Multiple Super Bowl events held in the valley over the last two decades. For over 33 years Mr. Bartee has served as a leader and manager in public safety and emergency response and mitigation.

Mr. Bartee is passionate about helping people live better, fuller lives!

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