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Steve Wagner

Policy and Advocacy Committee Co-Chairperson

President and Founder of The RightCare Foundation, Inc.

Steve is the president and founder of The RightCare Foundation, Inc., an Arizona non-profit corporation and 501(c)(3) Public Charity, founded in 2010. RightCare exists to advocate for and promote best practice care in local communities. As an active duty career firefighter paramedic and critical-care flight paramedic with over 18 years of public safety experience, Wagner brings sincere passion to RightCare causes. His role as a first responder helped him identify the need for improvement in quality, timeliness and accountability of care. With a strong belief that patient outcomes will improve with Immediate Resuscitation and accountability of advance directives, Wagner established The RightCare Foundation, Inc. to advocate for best-practice emergency care before the fire truck arrives. The support of fire chiefs, unions, physicians and policy makers encourages Wagner to promote The RightCare Mission to “Save lives and honor wishes”. An active member of the community, Wagner serves as appointed Council Member of The Arizona Governor’s Council on Aging.

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