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New members are always welcome, and there is no cost to join! If you are interested in being a part of the Arizona Falls Prevention Coalition (AFPC), please take a few minutes to complete the following information. You will automatically start receiving the e-mails about AFPC meetings and other Falls Prevention related news.

We thank all our members for their support and hard work. Your collective efforts are responsible for the progress we’ve made toward meeting our goals and addressing the burden of unintentional falls in Arizona.

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AFPC Committees

The purpose of the Awards Committee is to recognize members, individual(s)/organization(s) and others who promote evidence-based and/or best practices to reduce falls among older adults, for their exemplary performance, valued service and accomplishments in the State of Arizona to promote and advance our Coalition and our profession.

To plan, develop and implement education strategies in efforts to increase falls prevention awareness; determine targeted groups (community, professionals, caregivers, providers, etc.); provide resources and tools to help empower the coalition to play an integral part in statewide falls prevention awareness.

To evaluate the efficacy of the AFPC in meeting its mission and vision.

To raise awareness statewide about AFPC and increase membership; keep the list serve updated; capture the contact information of coalition members, capture resources that members can provide; determine who is not at the table and who do we need to recruit to strengthen the breadth of the coalition.

To lead public support on causes or policy that impact the population we serve; to provide up-to-date information on such policies; provide recommendations on courses of action for the coalition.

To identify strategically collaborative responses to grant opportunities that impact two or more Arizona entities focusing on falls prevention applying for the same grant; and identify and seek funding opportunities that support operations and sustain the Arizona Falls Prevention Coalition.

To establish strategic promotional materials and communications for public as well as professional relations, branding, advertising, marketing, design, or related services. This encompasses all written, printed, electronic, or graphic representations utilizing the AFPC’s name, logos, trademarks, service marks, or URLs referring to any program, project, service, or operation of the AFPC. Responsible for all press release(s) disseminated to media outlets. If an event attracts news media interest, all press releases and statements to the news media will be routed through, approved by the Executive Committee of the Leadership Council and disseminated by this committee.

To update website with current information; hub for statewide information in regards to falls prevention for professionals and community collect information about events, outreach, advocacy efforts and evaluation data; place to access the falls prevention tool kit; help promote membership; house resources that can be utilized to promote prevention awareness.